"Looking for the right home is among the most personal of things. From a client to a broker there are the things that you say and there are the things you don't. So an effective broker must be able to be a good listener, ask many questions, read body language, and judge perceptions. Matthew does all of this well. In early 2006 I went to Matthew who helped me purchase a co-op apartment in a transaction that was far from straightforward. Truth be told, many transactions aren't. Matthew has seemingly an endless supply of something I know I am super short on - patience. If you select Matthew to help you find a home I know you will find his approach to be cordial and professional. I also know that you will find someone whose approach is individualistic. O. Carreras, New York, New York

— D.M.

"Matthew is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people. He is able to understand the unarticulated needs of his clients and accordingly provides fully customized proposals/solutions. In summary, I highly recommend Matthew he will be a valuable asset for anyone seeking a new home." NS-Wall Street
"Thank you for your help in both selling my Tribeca. loft and in helping me find my new townhouse in Brooklyn. You found several buyers for my loft........one who ultimately paid close to 1000 a square foot.......more than any other at 366 Broadway. You also helped coordinate the timing of both closings and went beyond the call of duty to arrange many visits to my new home before it was mine. After a long search for a broker (and I met many) I found you to be absolutely trustworthy and hard working-a rare find."

Representation of 400+ condo project in Financial District, New York

"So, Matthew, thanx for the sale. You wanna know something funny?!?! I remember the first time I spoke to you on the phone, there was a kindness behind your voice, I imagined you an old, pot-bellied grandpa with grey hair, all bald in the middle, and a mustache that sometimes caught crumbs and you would wear round, metal wire-framed glasses that sat slightly crooked on your face, that's what I imagined! I remember you stated you couldn't talk to me because I was technically still under contract, but I could always call back later, if heaven forbid, I didn't sell. I knew during that conversation you would be the one to sell my place! Anyway, I was right about the selling part : ) Sometimes, when I let all the noise quiet down, I'm intuitive : ) So blessings to you! M. Harper MD-New York, New York

"A true resource to anyone who is fortunate enough to work with him. Not only would I recommend him to any colleague or loved one, but I look forward to working with him again in the near future. You will not be disappointed” A. Frontino-Prospect Lefferts Garden
 "As far as your help with the sale of my Mom's apt. at Chatham Green you were aces. You coordinated the removal of the old furniture; the obtaining of the new flooring & the painting of the apt. and the best of all getting the apt. sold within 10 days at the highest price ever paid in that condo for a 1 bedroom apt.. So what else can I say besides thanks for everything. If I can do anything else please let me know" TGF-Chinatown
"I would rate Matthew as an exceptional buyer's agent. He was very easy to work with, we never felt pressured into making a decision. He is very well informed and honest about his opinions. He was very prompt in responses and kept us updated through out the process. Being first time buyer can be tough at at times, but with Matthew’s valuable inputs it was a smooth transition for us" Prashant-Williamsburg



Matthew helped me a lot in understanding the process of home buying. He has been patient and helped us negotiated with the seller for the things that we wanted to install on the property. Aya Huang-Garden City-New Construction